For Spring-Summer 2020 the Collectors Club team dived into the ancient world of Japan, particularly taking inspiration from Japanese artefacts, old textiles and kimonos, and the culture of Japanese knots. The colour palettes of Japanese ‘erotic stampas’ and paintings of Katsushika Hokusai inspired the collection’s intimate feel. A captivating discovery were the oriental puzzles and puzzle boxes in a variety of natural materials (jade, ivory, stone, ceramic, wood, stone and semiprecious stones).

These refined and fragile elements guided the choice of a subdued, calm colour palette and soft and purified fabrics: luminous ivory fluids and ecru bouclés, soft apricot brandy linens, peach nougat cotton, pastel blue and crisp white poplins. Natural fibres like cotton and linen are a cornerstone of this collection. The design is purified, becomes minimal, allowing for a wider range of styling and combinations.

Female artist and icon Yayoi Kusama has also influenced this season’s vision, subtly, from behind the curtains, through her early works and her readiness to be vulnerable. A collection that speaks soft, subtle, pure, feminine. With this, Collectors Club continues to build on the idea of an empowered woman who intrigues through her fragility.

Recently added

  1. Oversized knit with v neck
    Oversized knit with v neck COLLECTORS CLUB
    As low as €250.00
  2. High waist leather trousers
    High waist leather trousers COLLECTORS CLUB
    As low as €695.00
  3. Oversized knit with round neck
    Oversized knit with round neck COLLECTORS CLUB
    As low as €250.00
  4. Long sleeved turtleneck
    Long sleeved turtleneck COLLECTORS CLUB
    As low as €225.00